If this error occurs, it has to do with a current issue being investigated by our Developers involving State codes.

Essentially, if you have added the State field to your form but you have not added codes, users can enter any value they wish in the field. What happens when you try to retrieve is that the system expects the two-character state code (e.g. SC, TX, NY, FL) but instead the system sees something else and so the process fails.

We recommend taking the following steps to resolve the issue moving forward:

1. Launch and log into your Blackbaud Grantmaking site
2. Go to Launch tab > Click 'Applications'
3. Click 'Forms Manager'
4. When the Forms Manager screen loads, locate the form that is affected > click the form to highlight > go to Actions > click Deactivate
5. You may receive a prompt:

"# copies of this Application have been started and saved by an applicant.

Would you like to allow these in-progress Applications to be submitted?"

Please click 'Yes' to allow any applications being worked on to be submitted. [NOTE: If you want all of your applicants to start from scratch, click 'No', but bear in mind that this option will cause applicants to lose their work.]
6. A Deactivate message appears > Click OK to accept default > "Form ##### has been successfully deactivated" > Click OK
7. Go to your Inactive list of Application forms to locate the form > click the form to highlight > go to Actions > click Open
8. When your form loads in the Form Designer window, locate the State field
9. Click the State field to highlight > In the right column, scroll to 'Edit Codes' > Click 'Edit Codes'
10. On the Coding Table window, mark the checkbox for Select all > click the right-facing arrow to move the codes into the selection list > Click OK
11. Click Save and Close
12. Once you return to the Forms Manager, go to Actions > Activate to make your form live again

This will only resolve the issue for new applicants. Existing forms may need to be fixed by Blackbaud Grantmaking Support if these errors persists - we ask that you please reach out to us so that we may assist you in retrieving your forms.