Event registration payments ignore benefit distributions from event

In 4.0.180 SP16, the applied payment ignores the benefit distribution from the event registration and will apply all payment revenue to the event registration portion first, before applying to the charitable portion ignoring the distributions from the event registration.
The last payment, the payment that completes the amount due, receives the benefit as intended.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Ensure registration type of Foursome having 4 registrants is in system
2) Create auction event that allows designations on fees and set a default designation
3) Create registration option for the Foursome and add benefits to the registration
4) Register a constituent and named guests as constituent records
5) Check event's Benefits tab and apply benefits to all registrants
6) Add a payment for each registrant applied to the event registration commitment
7) Ensure Distributions tab shows distribution distributed evenly
NOTICE: not all four payments have the same application or receipt amount


 Blackbaud CRM

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