To add users through the Role Membership, as a Platform Manager:
  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Select Security > Roles
  3. Click on the role (this can only be done for roles that do not require enrollment/employment)
  4. Click on the Members link on the left under Role
  5. Click Add in the upper right corner
  6. Search users by Role, Grad Year, Last Name
  7. Click Search to update results
  8. Click the blue arrow link to the left of the user in the Search Results to add them to the Added Users column
  9. Once you've added all users, click Save & Exit

To add users through a Data Import, as a Data Manager:
  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Select System Tools > Data Import
  3. Click Create Import Job
  4. Select Category: Contact Card -Import/Refresh, Import Type: Role Assignment or Candidate Role Assignment
  5. Click the View File Layout Help button for help creating the file
  6. Give the file a Name, and drag/browse to add file
  7. Click Process Now