Where can I find more information on the benefits of Benchmarking to my organization?
Our in-product documentation provides definitions and calculations of each dashboard.

Does Benchmarking include international organizations in the comparison?
Benchmarking is currently available to United States and some United Kingdom and Canadian organizations.

Can I set security to prevent certain users from accessing our organizations benchmarking dashboards?
To add security follow the steps below:
1. Go to Control Panel > Security > Security groups
2. Choose the security group you wish to set permissions for
3. Under Analyze rights, select edit rights
4. Mark the box for Analyze Benchmarking 
5. Click Save

 Note: Benchmarking is not limited by Gift security by fund or Security by constituency.  The dashboards will not include any specific fund or constituent names with the results.  Any list under recommended links will respect both security settings for Gift security by fund and Security by constituency.

What if my Industry is not listed in the filters section?
The Industry list is pulled directly from the NTEE Core Code classification on the IRS form 990. As such, this filter is only available in US databases.

Does Benchmarking use the giving analysis settings for revenue that I selected in Control Panel, Settings or can I change what gifts types are included?
Benchmarking only looks at cash-in-hand revenue; donations(cash), payments to pledges, payments to recurring gifts, payments to matching gifts, stock property and stock property sold.
Note: soft credits are not included 

What donors are being included in our organization's performance?

Benchmarking includes all donors even those marked as inactive or deceased.

What campaigns, funds and appeals are included in our organizations's results?
Benchmarking includes all campaigns, funds and appeals since we are looking at cash-on-hand.  We can not exclude campaigns, funds or appeals from the results.

My Benchmarking results don't match my results in other dashboards or reports, why is that?
Since these benchmarks include specific gift types and calendar years, they likely differ from similar analytics elsewhere in Fundraising, Analyze, which use your configured revenue types and fiscal year.

Can I change my Benchmarks to view to Fiscal year instead of Calendar year?
At this time, to get an accurate comparison to other organization's performance we are only looking at Calendar year.

Why can't I save views, export to pdf, share or schedule this dashboard to be emailed?
We will continue to enhance this feature over time and new features will appear in the What's New once they become available.