Error: You must provide either an interaction or a constituent - When importing an interaction for an inactive constituent

When importing an Interaction batch, interactions for an inactive constituent are rejected with the error, "You must provide either an interaction or a constituent." Note: Inactive constituents can have interactions added to them manually through the Add interactions action on the Interactions tab.
This happens because this search list, like all search lists, excludes inactive constituents by default and there isn't a way to change this setting on an import to include inactive constituents. 

As a workaround, if the interaction needs to be imported, users can mark the constituent active to successfully import the interaction, then change the constituent back to inactive. Otherwise, an interaction can be added to an inactive constituent either by manually adding a row in batch or on the inactive constituent record.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Create an import file containing the lookup ID for an inactive constituent as well as all the other required fields: Name, Expected date, Contact Method, Summary, and Status
2) Map the fields accordingly import the file.
3) Notice the record for the inactive constituent is rejected with the error message, "You must provide either an interaction or a constituent."


 Blackbaud CRM

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