1. Please review our documentation for claimed email domains.
  2. Ensure you have copied full 41 digit Value and pasted it into your TXT entry. Use the Copy button at the end of the Value field to ensure the full string is copied.
  3. Try selecting the "Verify this domain" button again.
  4. Lookup the domain you are claiming in a DNS search tool like MX Toolbox's TXT Lookup to confirm that a TXT record matching the Value provided on the Claim Email Domains step in the SSO configuration has been added to your DNS configuration. If a matching TXT entry has not been added to your DNS configuration, contact your IT person or DNS provider to have the entry added.
Note: Your DNS provider may support '@' as a shortcut to the root domain. Otherwise, enter the root domain, such as your.org or your.edu, leaving the Name/Host field blank in the TXT record.
Tip: To verify the correct DNS configuration is being updated, visit ICANN WHOIS, enter the email domain, and confirm its service provider in the Name Servers field.
If a matching TXT entry has been added to your DNS and the issue persists, please contact support with the following information:
  1. The domain you are attempting to claim
  2. The TXT value you added to your DNS record. (Please include the full text instead of a screenshot to ensure the full value is included.)
  3. A screenshot of your DNS record showing the TXT entry added as described in the Claimed Email Domains documentation.
  4. A screenshot of your Claim email domains form where the domain still shows as Verifying...