If you need to remove an application from a reviewer's list of assigned reviews, or to prevent applications from being assigned for review, recategorize the application to a non-reviewer-visible application category (this category should likewise not be applicant-visible):
  1. Navigate to the opportunity
  2. Select the Applications tab
  3. Filter the grid (e.g. by Name) to find the application; select the box in leftmost column to highlight the application
  4. Scroll to bottom of page and click on Act on Selected; select Categorize from dropdown menu
  5. Click into box below Choose a Category and select the appropriate category
  6. Click green Categorize button
Note: This will not remove the reviewer score from the application, but it removes the application from the reviewer portal.
Alternatively, you can add a qualification to the reviewer group to specifically disqualify the application (e.g.; Last Name - must not contain - XXXX).