1. Change the constituent on the membership transaction to the correct giver
    1. If the membership was purchased as a sales order, then you need to change the patron on order to the correct giver. 
    2. If the Membership was purchased in the back office
      1. Go to the constituent record of the constituent currently labeled as the giver
      2. Select the Revenue tab
      3. Click Revenue History
      4. Click the hyperlink for the membership payment
      5. From the task, menu click change constituent on payment
      6. Search for the correct giver 
  2.  Change the given by field on the membership record
    1. Go to the constituent record of the gift recipient
    2. Select the Memberships tab
    3. Next to the membership, click Other tasks
    4. Click Remove gift status
    5. Click Yes
    6. Click Other tasks
    7. Click Make a gift membership
    8. Search for the correct giver's constituent record
    9. Click Save