When depositing revenue that is linked to a different bank account, a new deposit must be created in Altru and then payments linked to the deposit. Typically, this process is used for Capital Campaign payments or other scenarios where the payment has a restricted or special bank account from other types of similar payments. This process should be completed prior to the nightly job schedule running. Create deposits for payments that will be linked to the non-operating account using the below steps:
  1. Go to Treasury and click on Add a Deposit
  2. Enter appropriate information
    • Note: The Deposit date should represent the date the money is deposited to the Bank. The Post date is the date that money is posting to the GL.
  3. Click Save to open deposit record
  4. Click on Link multiple payments from the Tasks section on the left side of screen to add payments to the deposit
  5. In the payment method field, select Check to search for all Checks that need to be deposited
  6. Click on Apply. This will show all un-linked payments that exist in the system
  7. Click Link All or check the boxes for the appropriate payments
  8. Click Save to return to Deposit record
  9. Print or export the Deposit Report as needed, by clicking on Deposit report under the Reports section on the left side of screen