1. Please review our Facebook Integration with TeamRaiser documentation to determine if you'd like to enable this feature.
  2. If you would like to enable Facebook Fundraising for TeamRaiser, please visit and fill out a brief survey for our Product Management team. This step allows our internal team to review your org's TeamRaiser setup and engage with you to determine your next steps. - Facebook Fundraiser Activation Request Form
  3. After you've received a response to your activation request form, and the SDP has been enabled, you can get started with the Prerequisite Steps.
  4. If you have questions or concerns with the setup, please review our FAQ for further information.
If after reviewing the documentation and FAQ below you still have issues with setup, or you have an issue while using the feature, please contact Customer Support and reference KB 119922.

  • Our donors experiencing a high number of generic declines when attempting to donate to participants via Facebook. What is the cause of these declines?
    • Review KB 187763 regarding the declines for an updated statement from Product Management.