Here's how you can change the Request Type for an existing record:

1. Search for the Request record - (ex: Click Full Search > select Requests as the desired Record Type > use any filter(s) that might help narrow down your results as desired (for example, you could select Request ID is ... > click Search)
2. Mark the checkbox to select the Request (when you find it in your search results)
     *Note: Do NOT open into the request record... just select it from the list of search results by marking the checkbox for it!
3. Click Actions (from the ribbon menu towards the top-right corner of the screen)
4. Click "Update Type and Status" once you see that option (you might have to click the right arrow a few times before coming across this option under Actions)
5. Select the new desired Type for this request (from the "Change Type To" dropdown list)
6. Click OK
7. Click Yes (for the pop-up that asks if you still wish to continue despite there being no "undo" option for this change)
8. Click OK (when the success message pop-up window appears).