In Manage User Files, you can create folders that you will choose when uploading files to a user's My Files section, as well as adding files to bulk upload to users. 

To make a new folder, click the Add Folder button, and fill out the information,
  1. Sort Order - The sorting priority for this folder
  2. Folder Description* - The label for this folder
  3. Number of File Names* - The numeric amount of different files that this folder will contain

From the overview screen, you can add Files to Folders, edit Folders, delete Folders, or upload Files to users

To add a File, click on the Add File Name button and fill out the information,
  1. Sort Order - The sorting priority for this File
  2. File Name* - The label for the File
  3. Additional Detail - A description for the file
  4. File Access - Which roles can access this file
  5. Access Dates - The dates on which access starts and ends

To upload a file, click upload next to a file's name and then click Create New Job. From here you can download a sample CSV file to upload for a bulk upload, which contains the Host or User ID, and the filename to use. This pertains to the backend file name.  For example, if you upload a file named Test1.pdf, you would use exactly that instead of the file name on the system. The file names and user ID's must be unique.

You will then click next, and go back to the upload screen where you will see the job you just created "In Progress". Click on that status and you will see if there are any errors, and the stats for your CSV upload. When ready, click Save & Exit to save, or Save & Process to save and process your upload.