Error: Field Form_FundAnonymous already inferred from XML JSON data. 13179 when Importing Suggestions from DC NXT

When attempting to import suggestions from DonorCentral, the error Error: Field Form_FundAnonymous already inferred from XML JSON data. 13179 occurs.
This issue occurs with customers using Progress 10 due to the MicroEdge.Fims.DonorCentral.exe creating the field when it is a null value when Progress is looking for "" instead of null and thus the error occurs. We are working on a long term fix for this issue, in the mean-time the work around is the following:

1. Enable debug logging for DonorCentral by doing the following:
  • Go to Tools\System Utilities\DonorCentral\DonorCentral Options\Preferences tab\Suggestions Section\Debug_Logging
  • Change the Debug_Logging value to Yes and save.
2. Re-Run the suggestion import process to attempt to import suggestions from DonorCentral
3. Look in the npo\found\tempfiles folder for the most recent sc_*.json file which should have a time and date stamp of when you just attempted to import suggestions and received the error.
4. Open the json file with notepad
5. Find any lines that show the following, "RecurrenceEndDate": null,
6. Delete the line "RecurrenceEndDate": null,

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7. Move the line up in the suggestion to get rid of the empty line space where you just deleted the line above
8. Save the .json file
9. Now, you can import the suggestions by doing the following:
  • Go to Tools\System Utlities\Run Procedure
  • Run the procedure npo\found\fims\gui\eadvisor\D-ImportSCJson.w
  • You will need to choose the .json file that you just edited and saved in steps 5 and 6
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10. Now your suggestions should appear in the import suggestion window.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\DonorCentral\Retrieve Suggestions from Donor Central
2. See error occur



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