1. In an incognito/private browser window, have the user try signing into signin.blackbaud.com. If the user is able to sign in, proceed to step 2. If the user is not able to log into blackbaud.com, search Knowledgebase for the specific error or issue the user encounters.
2. Once you've confirmed the user is able to successfully log into signin.blackbaud.com in an incognito browser, have the user try logging into your Blackbaud Education Management app (formerly K12 ON Products) with their BBID in an incognito browser.

If the issue persists after testing steps 1 and 2 above, proceed with the following steps to troubleshooting steps.
3.As a Platform Manager, go to Core > People Finder and select the user
4. On the Access tab, confirm the user's Authentication Status is Awaiting Response.
  • If the user's Authentication Status is ON Authenticated, confirm the user has a role that has been enabled for BBID.
5. Confirm the user has a Blackbaud ID Username 6. If a user's Authentication Status is Awaiting Response and they have a Blackbaud ID username, ensure the user's browser is not set up to block third party cookies.

7. If the issue persists, please contact Support and include the following information:
  • Email address the affected user is attempting to log in with
  • Specific error received when attempting to log in
  • Is the user able to log into signin.blackbaud.com with their Blackbaud ID username?
  • Has the user ever logged into the On Products with their Blackbaud ID username and password?