The Tracking Number is the Requirement ID which you can search on within Blackbaud Grantmaking. 

To locate a record by its ID number:

1. From your dashboard screen click Full Search
2. Select the record type you wish to find on the left hand side
3. If you do not see a field for ID, click Add Filters in the lower left portion of the dialogue window. If you do, proceed to step 5. 
4. Within Add Filters, locate either "ID" or <recordType>ID (example Payment ID when searching for payment records) > Check the box next to the field > OK
5. Enter the ID number in the field you just added
6. Click Search

If you are still unable to locate the requirement though the applicant submitted, it is likely the requirement has not yet been retrieved into your database. 

To retrieve:

1. From your dashboard click Launch
2. Applications
3. Retrieve Submitted Requirements

Blackbaud Grantmaking will now retrieve all submitted online requirements into your database