This can happen for the following reasons

  1. The Integration Settings allow multiple accounts to be created
  2. The Responsible Signer for the contract was not the same  
    1. For example, if Contract A has both parents as Responsible Signer for Child 1, both get added onto the account as they are both responsible for the tuition. If Child 2 (Child1's sibling) only had Mom listed as a Responsible Signer, then Mom would be the only person considered responsible for Tuition.  Because Dad was not a Responsible Signer for Child 2, Dad was not responsible for making payments. This would be a difference that would not be accommodated with one account. To accommodate the situation,  a separate account is created.


This can be verified with the steps below: 

Verify The Integration Settings
Note: If the option is set to yes, that would mean separate accounts would be allowed. 

  1. Go to Core
  2. Settings > Select Blackbaud Connections 
  3. Select Smart Tuition Setup
  4. Verify if "Only one Smart Family Account allowed per contract" is set No


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Verify the Family ID & Responsible Signature Matches 

Note: If the Smart Family ID & Responsible Signers field do not match, this would mean separate accounts would have been created. 

  1. Go to Enrollment Management 
  2. Contracts > Select Contracts List
  3. Filter on the appropriate Year
  4. Select Choose Columns
  5. Select the box for  Responsible Signers and SMART Family ID
  6. Review those specific columns to verify if the Responsible Signers and SMART Family ID matches 


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