To create an Insight follow the steps below:

Note: Insight Designer must be purchased.  If you would like to access this feature please contact your Account Executive.

1. In Raiser's Edge NXT, click the Analysis tab and select Report Builder


2. In Report Builder, select the Insights tab


3.  To create a new insight click the Add button 

Note: if you do not see the Add button you either have not purchased Insight designer or you do not have rights to add an insight

4. Review the Insight Designer overview for a brief introduction and walk through of the layout

Note:  Click the question mark next to the data point (measure or attribute) to learn what it represents

5. Once the insight has been saved it will appear on the Insights tab under Report Builder

Note: Insights created by your organization will appear with a "Custom Insight" tag next to it.  The insight will also display the date created and the creator's name.  Pre-scripted Insights will show created by Blackbaud


6.  To view, edit or delete an Insight choose the three little dots (action menu) beside the insight.
Note: Only insights created by your organization can be deleted


7.  Create custom dashboards using insights

For more information on Insights review our in-product help documentation