If the group has not been checked you can use the following steps to remove the payment and re-add using an other payment method. 
  1. Go to Sales > Group Sales
  2. Click to open your group sales reservation record
  3. Click the hyperlink for the security deposit
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  • NOTE:  You will not click the drop-down arrows next to the security deposit payment and click Delete - doing so will not give you the option to prevent a refund from issuing
  1. Make a note of the credit card information and the authorization code
  2. Click Delete from the task menu
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  1.  To prevent the card from issue click No on the pop up box 
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Add the Payment back on to record using Other payment method
  1. Navigate back to your group sales reservation
  2. Click Add payment
  3. In the drop-down for payment method select Other 
  4. Select the other method
  5. Click Save
Add a note to the group sales payment for the credit card information
  1. Go to the group sales reservation page 
  2. From the task menus select go to documentation
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Note
  5. Add in the credit card information for reference 
  6. Click Save