The codes are sorting alphabetically in online Requirement forms specifically because of a Bug in our software that is causing this behavior.

The only known way past the issue currently is to take these steps to adjust the Values of the Classification Table:

1. Launch and log into your Blackbaud Grantmaking site
2. Go to the Admin tab at top right > Click 'Classifications' [NOTE: If you do not see the Admin tab, you do not have rights to make these changes. Consult with your Grants Manager/Client Admin]
3. In the list of your Classification Tables - or Code Tables - double-click the table that you wish to sort
4. Once the table is open, you should see a list of Values in the center of the screen > hover your mouse over any value until the pencil icon appears > Click the pencil icon
5. A window will pop up and allow you to change the Code and Description on the value > you can adjust the Description to include a number at the beginning
6. Our suggestion is to place numbers in front of the Description to allow the values to sort properly in Requirement forms:

Your Classification Table may have the following Values with Descriptions such as the following...


The window for 'Red' appears as follows...

However, on a Requirement form, these will sort as follows...


We suggest placing a number in the Description so that they will sort properly in your Requirement form:

Following our suggestion, they will appear as such after the change and will sort properly...

1 - Red
2 - Blue
3 - Yellow
4 - Green

7. After the change is made to the Description, click OK
8. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed for your values
8. Click 'Save & Close' once all changes are completed