A.  Assign the Candidate/Student the  New Contract 

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Using People Finder, search for the preferred record 
  3. Click on the Contracts tab
  4. Click Add New
  5. Choose the New Contract Type and the preferred School Year
  6. Click Save

B.  Generate the New Contract

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Select manage Contract Forms
  3. Select Edit for the appropriate Contract
  4. Select Generate Contracts in the bottom right corner
  5. Verify that the Candidate is included within the generation list
  6. Click Generate 

C. Process the Contract once it has been returned (completed by the parents)

  1. Go to Enrollment Management
  2. Select Contracts
  3. Select Process contracts
  4. Choose the appropriate candidate/student from the left-hand column
  5. Select Accept