FENXT: Credential Reverification Required

When signing in to a bank in FE NXT to link accounts, the following error may occur:

Credential Re-Verification Required
Your login information appears to be incorrect. Please re-enter your credentials. (Error 402)
  1. Ensure your credentials were entered correctly
  2. Confirm you are able to click on the link to the bank provided in FE NXT and sign in successfully
If you are still unable to login after confirming the credentials are correct and you are able to log into the bank successfully, please contact Support.  Please provide your bank's URL and confirmation that you are able to log in successfully.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in to FE NXT web view
  2. Click Treasury > Bank Accounts
  3. Select Manage Bank Feeds
  4. Click Add Accounts
  5. Enter Account Information

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