Error Retrieving Suggestions from Donor Central. Unable to Open File NPO Found FIMS Temp Files SC Pro10 when Importing Suggestions from DonorCentral NXT with Progress 10

When attempting to import suggestions from Donor Central NXT with Progress 10 the error, "Error retrieving suggestions from DonorCentral. Unable to open File: \NPO\found\fims\..\tempfiles\SC_Prog10_filename.json" occurs for self-hosted customers.
This issue is typically caused by a download directory setting not being set for the FIMS user on their workstation for their FIMS account in user preferences. Make sure that there are user preferences set for the download directory as described below:

1.Go to Tools>User Preferences>All Other Preferences
2.Go to the DonorCentral_Download_Directory and click the Browse button
3.Navigate to N:\found\eadvisor
4.Click apply and Ok

The above almost always resolve this issue but If the above steps do not resolve the issue, do the following:

1. Make sure that the correct version of .Net is installed on the workstation. The suggestion import function needs .Net 4.5.2.
2. Enable debug logging in order to send these files to customer support for review to find out why the suggestions are not importing:
  • Go to Tools\System Utilities\DonorCentral\DonorCentral Options\Preferences tab\Suggestions Section\Debug_Logging
  • Change the Debug_Logging value to Yes and save.
  • Re-Run the suggestion import process to attempt to import suggestions from DonorCentral
  • Look in the npo\found\tempfiles folder for the most recent sc_*.json file
  • Copy that file and send to support for review.
3. Make sure that the DonorCentral uploads are taking place, if they are not, there is probably a bigger systemic issue to look at.
  • Make sure that the path for the user logged into FIMS that is importing suggestions for the DonorCentral Download Directory is n:\found\eadvisor 
  • Make sure that the path for the DonorCentral Options for the Download_Directory is the actual path on the server for example, c:\npo\found\eAdvisor. Your FIMS installation on the server may be in a different drive other than C.
  • Make sure that the Acces Key and Secret Key are in place in Setup DonorCentral Upload. For customer's that have two sites, typically you would use the Master Key unless you have two separate FIMS databases with each having its own eAdvisor folder. Support can assist in looking that up if needed.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Tools >System Utilities > Donor Central > Retrieve Suggestions from Donor Central
2. Error message occurs



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