Teacher Missing from View Master Schedule

When viewing View Master Schedule by Teacher some teachers who are scheduled are not showing in the grid. If you change to view by Course we can see the course and see that they are assigned as the teacher. 
For the teachers to show in View Master Schedule by Teacher the teacher will need to be associated with the Grade Level and Department for the course(s). 

To Associate a Teacher with a School Level and Department: 

1. Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data 
2. Search for teacher in question 
3. Under the System Information block select Employment 
4. Select Edit
5. Select to make the changes Effective Immediately 
6. Select the appropriate School Level for the course
7. Select the "Member" column for the appropriate course department 
8. Save & Exit 
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules 
2. Select View Master Schedule from the Overview tab: 
User-added image
3. Notice teacher is missing from list on the left when viewing by teacher: 
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