1. Create a brand new advanced list
  2. Select the Select Objects tab
  3. Expand Constituent Information >Select User Base  > Select User Role
  4. Expand Employee> Select Employee Employment 
  5. In the Constituent Information section, select User Occupation    
  6. Unmark all of the Inner Checkboxes 
User-added image 
  1. Select Display Fields
  2. Select Select Fields
  3. In the Select Display Fields popup screen, Expand User Base> Select First Name Last Name
  4. Expand User Occupation > Select Job Title  
User-added image 
  1. Select Filters
  2. In the Global Filters section, select User Role.Role
  3. Select Non-Teaching Staff and Teacher > Select Select 
    • To select more than one entry, hold down Ctrl on the keyboard and select the options 
  4. Select Preview to review the results
  5. Enter a name for the list > Select Save or Save and exit  
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