Note: Changes to the journal reference apply to transactions posted after the change was made and are not retroactive to posted transactions. However, reversal transactions will post with the same parameters as the original transaction.

To add the Invoice line item description field to the Invoice record's journal reference:
  1. In Accounts Payable, click Configuration > Posting Information.
  2. Select Invoice from the left frame 
  3. On the right, mark the radio button for Debit to build the journal references for line items posting to debit accounts, and/or mark the credit option to create journal references for line items posting to credit accounts.
  4. To enter a new field or separator into the reference either:
    Select the empty row at the bottom of the grid or select an existing row, right-click and select Insert Row to insert a new row before the existing row
  5. Select Invoice Line Item Description from the drop-down list in the Field Name column.
  6. Enter a length to the right
  7. The settings will save automatically once you navigate away from this page

To confirm the new settings, test by just validating a post (not actually posting):
  1. In Accounts Payable > Administration > Post
  2. Create a new Post parameter
  3. On the filters tab, select a date range that has Invoice activity or filter on an invoice record and set the other record types to None.
  4. On the Format tab, select to preview the report instead of print
  5. Click Validate
  6. Based on the results, confirm if any further changes need to be made to the posting information