1. Navigate to Core > Content > Additional Content Types
    • Also: School Website > Content > Additional Content Types
  2. Click the Uploads tab.
  3. Upload the photo you want to hyperlink here.
  4. Once uploaded, you will see a link under "File Name."
  5. Click this link, and copy the full URL of the image. (The url should look something like https://bbk12e1-cdn.myschoolcdn.com/ftpimages/513/misc/misc_159361.jpeg)
  6. Navigate to Core > Content > Resource Boards
  7. Select your Resource Board from the View Boards drop down in the upper right.
  8. Add or Edit the post you want to add your photo hyperlink to.
  9. Drag/drop the Text element onto your post.
  10. Click the settings gear icon in the Text element.
  11. Click the HTML button in the upper left of the text body.
  12. In the HTML, insert: <img src="URL"> (in place of URL, add the actual URL of the image you uploaded/copied the URL for. This should look something like <img src="https://bbk12e1-cdn.myschoolcdn.com/ftpimages/513/misc/misc_159361.jpeg">)
  13. Save the HTML.
  14. This will insert the photo into your Text element.
  15. Double click your image, and click the hyperlink icon.
  16. Insert your URL and Save.
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