Adding opportunity to pledge causes wrong post status on the associated posted pledge payments

When an opportunity is added to a pledge the subsequent posted pledge payments have the their post status changed from 'Do not post' to 'Not posted'. The user then has to manually edit the posted payment again to change the post status to 'Do not post'.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate

 - Add a pledge for £100,000

- Add a single donation payment of £100,000

- Post the payment to GL

- Reapply the payment against the pledge, set adjustment post status as 'Do not post' and choose adjustment reason, payment now sitting with post status of 'Posted (includes 'Do not post' activity)'

- Add a major giving plan with £100,000 opportunity for the constituent, set amount as accepted

- Edit the pledge to add the above opportunity, will see message on screen:

Message on screen:

When you change a posted pledge that contains paid installments, before you can save the pledge, you must click Edit installment designations and add the payment adjustment details.

- Click 'edit instalment designations' on the edit pledge form after the warning message, the adjustment fields are mandatory, add adjustment options (Adjustment date, adjustment post date and adjustment reason) and save the pledge

- Pledge remains 'Do not post' but the pledge payment is now 'Posted (activity pending)' and if you click on edit posted payment you can see the post status is 'Not posted' instead of 'Do no post'

The user has to then remember to edit the posted payment to change the post status on the payment from 'Not posted' to 'Do no post' otherwise the adjustment will be posted.


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0 SP16

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