Error: An unhandled error has occurred when uploading files

When uploading an attachment or external document, users often receive a quick response from our system and the file in question is confirmed as uploaded. Recently, users report seeing the following error when uploading attachments through our site or when uploading files in their Blackbaud Grantmaking sites:

[Scanning [filename] for viruses...]
An unhandled error has occurred.
Exception Details:An exception has occurred. The Id of the Logged Exception is XXXXXXX
Our MIS team determined that the issue was caused by our antivirus software and has since been corrected as of 8/14/2018. If this reoccurs, please do not hesitate to contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at which will always have the most up to date information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into BBGM
2. Open a request 3
3. Click New
4. Select Document
5.  Browse and  select a file to upload
6. Click Open
7. Click Save or Save & Close
8. Receive  error message

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