What is the difference between none found and (empty value) when using NXT Reporting

Users would like to know the difference between 'None found' and '(empty value)' when selecting table values in Fundraising, Reporting in Raiser's Edge NXT.
The 'None found' value is equivalent to a blank value where the results will return records that have no value for the selected table entry. For example, selecting 'None found' for primary constituent codes will return constituent records that do not have any constituent code values on their record.

The '(empty value)' field is equivalent to a null value in the database and is a default value included in many tables. In most cases selecting this value will always return zero, the use case for this field is very limited. Blackbaud is continuing to develop features, and functionality in RE NXT, it's possible users may have more scenarios where they may utilize this field in our reporting tools.

Steps to Duplicate

These values may appear in various tables in reporting including campaign, fund, appeal, or constituent codes.

1. Navigate to Raiser's Edge NXT wen view
2. Select Fundraising, Reporting
3. Choose Retention
4. Select the Primary constituent code table and view the two similar values

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