A Course Distinction is a text prefix that a Grading Manager can add to a course title for one or more individual students, to a course that has not been dropped.

Reasons to use a course distinction might be to:
  1. Add the word 'Honors', 'AP', 'Advanced', etc before a course title for a student, if they are completing above-level work, but need to remain enrolled in a lower-level course. Grading information would need to be edited separately for the student via Enter Grades by Student.
  2. Course Distinctions could also be used to force an (MED), (INC), (DROP), (W), or other custom notation to appear before a course title, if there are no other functional means available.

To add a course distinction type:
  1. Navigate to Academics> Grades> School Year Setup> Course Distinctions
  2. Click 'Add'
  3. Select the Group Type of the course you want the distinction to apply to
  4. Enter the 'Distinction' (the actual text you want to append to a course name)
  5. Enter a Description if needed
To apply a distinction to an individual student's course:
  1. Navigate to Academics> Grades> Grades> Grades> Management> Enter Grades by Student
  2. Using the filter options on the left, search for the student you need to add/edit grades for
  3. Click 'View' to update results
  4. To the right of Course Distinctions, click View
  5. Click the dropdown in the 'Distinction' column for a given course, and select the desired Course Distinction to append to the course name for the student 
    Course Distinctions
  6. Click 'Save & Exit'

For additional information, please see the help topic regarding course distinctions here