The user may not have the appropriate software installed to view or download the file. 
  1. Determine the file type the user is trying to view or download.
  2. The user should confirm with their IT department that they have the appropriate software to view or download the file.
  3. If they do not have the appropriate software, they must request to have it installed from their IT department. 
  • For example, the user may be trying to view or download a .pdf document without Acrobat installed.
The user may have pop-up blockers installed.
Pop-up blockers may interfere with windows that need to appear to allow users to open or save files. Users should check with their IT departments to have their pop-up blocker settings adjusted if needed.  

If you suspect the file is not in an accepted file format (like Google docs), or contains characters in the file name or extension which are not accepted, instruct the user who uploaded the file to upload the file again, this time in an accepted file format and accepted file name. 
  • Filename can only have the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . -
  • Filename can be no longer than 512 characters
  • Filename can only have a single `.`