Payments for specific requests can be displayed as a table in a template by searching for a request, viewing the related payments, and then saving a view to the related payments. Follow these steps to add a saved payment view to a letter or write-up template:

*NOTE: This option is only available in Pending, Approval, Declination, and Write-up templates

1. Search for your request using the Quick Search bar
2. Locate and mark the checkbox next to the request
3. Click the refresh button under the ‘Related’ pane on the left, then click payments
4. Click Modify View when the related payments generate
5. Add or remove fields from your view as desired
6. Click Apply
7. Save the View by clicking the save icon next to the View menu on the bottom of the screen
8. Open the Document Template Manager and highlight your template
9. Click Actions, then Open Merge Fields from the ribbon menu
10. Select Payment Views from the available fields drop-down menu
11. Locate and add your payment view
12. Click OK
13. Highlight your template and click  Actions, then Open Template from the ribbon menu
14. Payment View merge field will appear in the 'Insert Merge field' options in the Word template

*NOTE: View merge fields added to a template are not affected by subsequent changes to the saved View. If changes are made to the View, you will need to remove the View merge field from the template and then add it back to the template after changes have been made to the saved View.