You can push a list to Luminate Online in one of two ways. You must wait for the original push process to complete before you can push the same list to Luminate Online again. Keep in mind that the list's size will affect the amount of time it takes for the process to complete.

  • From Lists, select a list's menu  and select Push to Luminate Online or

  • from a list's page, select Push to Luminate Online.

Warning: If you change the Luminate Beta Group type, the group in Luminate Online and list in Luminate Beta will no longer sync.

Tip: If you need to edit a group created from a list in Luminate Beta and want to keep the data synced between Luminate Beta and Luminate Online, edit the list in Luminate Beta and push the update to Luminate Online. Any changes you make to the name and description will sync automatically, but the data may take up to five minutes to appear.