This can occur when the Gradebook Manager has configured the associated marking period's grade access as "Have teachers set access" and the teacher has not yet confirmed the access settings for their individual class. If this option is chosen Teachers will have to confirm the settings before information will display.

To confirm these settings, the teacher will:

  1. Navigate to affected class and click the gradebook tab
  2. Click the Display Options button at the top of Gradebook interface
  3. Review the access settings for various roles
  4. Click the Save & Close button even if no changes were made
If the access settings are pre-defined without the ability to edit, then these options have been locked for that particular school level and cannot be adjusted by teachers.

If this access was set unintentionally, the Gradebook Manager can set access globally and avoid having the teacher confirm the display settings. 

To change access the Gradebook Manager will:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grading > Grading Set up > Gradebook Settings 
  2. Select the intended school level and edit the marking period you wish
  3. Under the different Grade Access settings, locate the role you wish to impact and select "Set Access Globally" 
  4. Configure the access you wish to apply to all gradebooks in that school level and save.