1. To do this follow the steps for How do I create a clone of a role?
  2. Select Base Role of Attendance Manager, click Next
  3. Do not select any Tasks, click Next
  4. Search for and Select the Users you wish to add to this Role
  5. Click Save & Exit
  6. Then click into the name of the new role you just created
  7. Click Tasks
  8. Click Edit in the upper right
  9. Mark the following Tasks:
  • Manage Attendance        
  • Edit Attendance        
  • Manage Absence        
  • Edit Absence        
  • Pre-Excused Absence        
  • Record Absence        
  • Record Absence Single    
  • Section Attendance    
  • Section Attendance Filtered    
  • Student Attendance    
  • Student Attendance Filtered    
  • Academic Profile    
  • Dashboard onRecord    
  • People Finder Access    
  1. Click Save & Exit
  2. Log out and back in as the User or Impersonating and then they will now have access to the new Tasks.