FIMS and DonorCentral Support Test Environments

This document outlines the FIMS and DonorCentral support test environments.
The support test environments for FIMS databases are accessed through HostNet, which is managed by HostNet and is separate from Blackbaud hosting.

1. You will need the Citrix Receiver installed to access HostNet:

2. Email ME Lanrequest at to access test resources:
  • To be able to log into the HostNet URL above, you will need to contact ME Lanrequest at and request a 9999 HostNet account to log into HostNet for support access. No access form is required, but please copy your manager so they are aware. The will need your name and email address.
  • In your email to ME Lanrequest, request access to these test FIMS databases below. 9999Test is the Test FIMS database, 9105 is also a test FIMS database but is integrated with the test DCNXT support instance:

9999-Test FIMS
9105-Test FIMS

  • Lastly, in your email to ME Lanrquest, request access to the test instance of DCNXT. This is accessed via an internet browser not within HostNet and again is integrated with FIMS database 9105:






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