An Education Edge user record that has security settings applied through FAWeb will show greyed out in Education Edge.
Normally this is denoted by the password being tokenized (all stars)

To verify this is the case: 

1. Note the username on the Education Edge record
2. Check the security settings for the user record in FAWeb and verify the username is the same
3. If you update the username/password in FAWeb it will update the username/password in Education Edge

To link the record to NetCommunity:

1. Create a query that includes the user in Education Edge
2. Run the Add Users Utility with the query
3. The user record will be added to NetCommunity unless username already exist in NetCommunity.  If the username already exists,  the import will fail and you will need to manually complete the link by processing the transaction in the Failed records tab of the Add User Utility interface

NOTE: Once linked, you will no longer be able to change the individuals username or password in Education Edge or FAWeb without out breaking the link between NetCommunity and Education Edge. The username and password will be exclusively managed by NetCommunity.