Can I correct or edit the email acknowledgement (thank you email) or eReceipt already sent from Online Express to someone?

A donor/registrant received an email confirmation and/or eReceipt with incorrect information from Online Express. Can I correct the email/eReceipt and resend it from Online Express? Is it possible to edit the thank you email to send it again?
The thank you email (and if sent, eReceipt,) from Online Express cannot be edited and resent. An existing thank you email (and eReceipt if set up) without edits can be resent for a donation as described here. For events, memberships, and/or if extensive corrections are needed, generate an acknowledgement (thank you) letter from The Raiser's Edge to resend to thank your donor/registrant/member.

If incorrect thank you emails are being received by multiple recipients, review the following:
  • Review the Online Express form set up, such as designations, event units, offered memberships, etc.
  • Review the Thank yous tab to confirm the thank you email is set up as desired.
  • If being used, ensure the eReceipt is set up correctly.
  • Confirm the correct form is on your site for the desired purpose. (For example, this year's event form is showing instead of last year's form or the correct version of the donation form is in use.)
  • Optionally, test the Online Express form.

Steps to Duplicate

Incorrect information in the thank you email and eReceipt can happen for reasons such as:
  • The form set up (options, thank you email, etc.) are out of date and/or set up incorrectly.
  • The donor/registrant/member entered incorrect information on the form.
  • The donor/registrant/member used the wrong form for the desired transaction.

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