Administrators can send customizable ad hoc emails to selected groups of users at any time. Users may be selected to receive ad hoc emails from the following system locations:
  • All Users grid
  • General Applications grid
  • Conditional Applications grids
  • Opportunity Applications grids 
  • All Bulk Actions grids
  • Renewal Opportunity Applications grids (Advance & Engage Systems only)
  • Portfolio-level Renewal Applications grids  (Advance & Engage Systems only)
  • Portfolio-level Encumbered Applications grids (Advance & Engage Systems only)

NOTE:  Ad hoc emails will NOT be sent from an archived grid.  If the object (General Application, Conditional Application, opportunity) has been archived the system will not send any emails. 

Selecting and Sending Ad Hoc Emails

  1. Navigate to one of the available grids from which to send ad hoc emails (see list above)
  2. Mark all intended email recipients from the grid (up to 50 email recipients at once)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Act on Selected > Email Users
  4. In the Email Selected Users pop up window, customize your email: choose the From sender, create a Subject line, and add a Body message for your email. 
    • Use the Help button to learn about formatting options, including using links. Please note that merge fields are not available for use in ad hoc emails.
  5. Click Add Cc/Bcc Recipients if needed to add a Cc or Bcc email address. You can include only one Cc and one Bcc email address per email.
    • NOTE: If you have more than 50 applicants to email, you may want to copy and paste the subject and body of your email into another application for use when you email the next set(s) of 50 applicants.
  6. Click the green Send Emails button.
    • You can confirm the emails were sent by checking the Email Log for any of the selected users.
  7. Repeat as needed for the next 50 email recipients.
Ad hoc emails will be listed in the User's Account Email Log area.