To display the % sign on your custom calculation field, please take the following steps:

1. Launch and log into your Blackbaud Grantmaking site
2. Once logged in, go to Admin tab > Click 'Blueprint'
3. From the list of choices provided, click 'Custom Fields'
4. In the Custom Fields window, click the type of record that applies to your field from the list of choices at the left (e.g. If you want to add the percent sign on a calculation field used in Payment records, you would click 'Payments')
5. Search for your custom field that is missing the % sign > Double-click the row to open the field
6. Mark the 'Display % symbol' checkbox if it is unmarked > Click 'OK'
7. 'Would you like to multiply the result by 100 as part of showing the calculated value as a percent?'
> Click 'Yes' if your Formula has not yet been built to handle this
> Click 'No' if your Formula is already set up to your liking
8. Depending on your choice, the formula remains unchanged or adds * 100 at the end > Click OK