Error: LFRemover.exe has stopped working and other errors when trying to import Grants after updating to 14.62

After upgrading to 14.62, errors occur when importing grants. The errors are: 

1) LFRemover.exe has stopped working
2) ** *..\tempfiles\p32865grtimp.csv" was not found. (293)

After going through all the errors, a blank Grant Import screen appears
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release or patch. In the mean-time this work around can be used:

This issue is caused by two things:
1. The csv file name having a space in it
2. and\or the folder pathway itself having a space in it, for example C:\My Documents
Remove any spaces in the csv file name and also place the csv file in a folder with no spaces to use for import, for example, C:\Import, and then name file mytestimport.csv, so the entire path would be for example, C:\import\mytestimport.csv


Steps to Duplicate

1) Click on File Maintenance > Grants > Grant Import
2) Error occurs after pressing run



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