Profile Update Form causes user to get logged out

User have found that when the Login Information field exists on their Profile Update Form, the user is logged out after clicking "Submit". 
If you remove the "Login Information" field from the form, the user is not logged out after clicking "Submit". 

We are currently evaluating this issue. 

Steps to Duplicate

Create a Profile Update form that includes the "Login Information" Field. 

1. Navigate to your Login Page then log in using your credentials.  
2. Navigate to the Form Part that is displaying your Profile Update Form. 
3. Make a change to your current profile.
4. Click Next until you reach the "Login Information" tab. 
5. Click "Submit". 
6. Note that your redirect to the "You must login to update your profile" page. This denotes that your user is no longer logged in. 
7. Try to navigate back to the "Profile View" form from step 2. 
8. Note that your user has been logged out of the system. 


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