Csv file was not found. 293 when Importing Grants after HostNet Upgraded to 14.62

When importing grants into FIMS the following error may appear "\\servername\foldername\shared\400\tempfiles\filenametimp.csv"
This issue was caused by two things noted below along with the associated work around that resolved the issue. This issue is now resolved in patch 14.63 and the work-around is no longer necessary. HostNet will be upgraded to patch 14.63 on 9-11-2018. 
1. The csv file name having a space in it
2. and\or the folder pathway itself having a space in it, for example C:\My Documents
Remove any spaces in the csv file name and also place the csv file in a folder with no spaces to use for import, for example, C:\Import, and then name file mytestimport.csv, so the entire path would be for example, C:\import\mytestimport.csv


Steps to Duplicate

  1. From the top menu click on File Maintenance > Grants > Grant Import
  2. Select the csv file and fill in all required fields
  3. Click Import
  4. Receive a version of the error message
  5. View report that shows 0 records processed



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