The best way to add a PDF link to a DIY Form would be to host the PDF on your organization's website so that you can insert a simple hyperlink to redirect visitors to the URL for that document. We do recommend hosting PDFs on your organization's website so that you can easily insert a link to that URL when adding additional text to a DIY Form. Here are resources on how to add additional text to a DIY Form and how to insert a link while adding that additional text to the form - How to add a text box to a DIY Form? & Insert Links and Anchors

If your organization does NOT host the PDF on its website, then you must first upload the PDF document under Communications (in order to make eTapestry host the PDF) before you can insert the PDF hyperlink to a DIY Form...

If you want eTapestry to host a PDF for you (i.e., it's not already hosted on your organization's website), then you must follow the steps below:

1. Click Communications
2. Click Manage Communications
3. Select an existing Category to place this new template under (or click New Category to create a new separate category for these types of document templates)
4. Click New Email or Document Template
5. Enter a descriptive Name for this template - (ex: PDF Test1)
6. Click Next
7. Click on the Canvas layout
8. When the next page loads (3. Edit), hover over Newsletter Name and click on it to open the Edit Contents window
9. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon
10. Click the magnifying glass & file icon to the right of the Source field to open into the Resources Browser window
11. Click the light gray button for "Browse..."
12. Locate the PDF and double-click to select it (which will redirect you back to the Resources Browser window)
13. Click Upload
14. Now you should see that newly-uploaded PDF listed in the Resources Browser window... click on the link listed for it (which will take you back out to the Insert/edit image window)
15. In the Source field, highlight and copy the URL displayed (so that you can insert that URL when inserting the link to the DIY Form)
16. Click Cancel (to close out of the Insert/edit image window)
17. Click Cancel again (to close out of the Edit Contents window)
18. No need to save this Communications template - just simply navigate away from this screen to proceed...

Once you've copied the URL you just created, here's how to subsequently add it as a link to a DIY Form:

1. Click Management
2. Click DIY Forms
3. Click Edit next to the form that you want to add this PDF to
4. Click Add Item
5. Click Add Text
6. Highlight the default text and delete it (so that you can type in your custom language - ex: "Click here to view PDF")
7. Highlight the word that you want to transform into a hyperlink (for instance, you'd highlight the word "here" if you typed in the following text: "Click here to view PDF")
8. Click Insert/edit link
9. Paste the URL that you copied from the Communications template into the Url field
10. Click Ok
11. Click Update
12. Click Save
13. Click Yes, Save My Draft
14. Click Go Live
15. Click Yes, Go Live!
16. If this DIY Form was already live before, it will make you click an additional prompt to "Replace" the existing live form with this newest version of the form (i.e., to republish this form).