If you are not seeing results from your Eligibility Quiz, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. The application from which you are running your report was deactivated before anyone submitted their form and you chose to not allow for any submissions during deactivation. This action will fail to record results from the quiz.

2. You have created any quiz question that directs users from the current form to another form. When users answer those questions and are directed to a new form, the quiz does not record the response.

If you wish to see results for your Quiz within the report, the best step to take is to create your form and set up the Quiz so that a certain series of answers allows users access to that same form.

To clarify how to run the Eligibilty Quiz Report, we have provided the steps below:

1. Launch and log into your Blackbaud Grantmaking site
2. Go to Launch tab > Click 'Report Manager'
3. In the left column, click 'Applications' to see a listing of Application reports
4. The first listed report should be 'Eligility Quiz Information' > Double-click to launch the Report Generator
5. In the Generate Report window, select the Date Range for your report > Mark the checkbox for the appropriate form that you wish to run the Quiz report against > Click OK
6. The report generates in a new window