As of January 2019, the process has changed. Please read through below to familiarize yourself with the new process going forward.  

Cycle Management Process (en masse)

While administrators may archive or clone individual opportunities in a system at any time, General Applications can only be archived by a Blackbaud Award Management representative. For that reason, it is highly recommended that the head System Administrator for your system contacts Customer Support when ready to conduct system-wide Cycle Management. Additionally, a Blackbaud Award Management representative can archive and clone your opportunities en masse for you

If you would like assistance preparing for a new cycle, please contact Customer Support 3-4 weeks (if it is your first cycle management), 2-3 weeks (if you are seasoned and do not have any changes for the new cycle) in advance of when you would like your new cycle to begin. 

  • Customer Support will then route your request to the Professional Services team who will follow-up with you to schedule your Cycle Management.  This article Cycle Management Overview goes over the new process.

Introduction to Cycle Management Video 

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Cycle Management Process (opportunity-by-opportunity) - can be done by an Administrator at your organization

Administrators may archive or clone individual opportunities in a system at any time. The first step in conducting Cycle Management is to create cloned copies of the opportunities you would like to make available to applicants again during the new cycle. Please note: when an opportunity is cloned, the new copy can only be placed into the same portfolio as the original opportunity. This means you cannot clone an opportunity and then move it into a different portfolio. 

How to Clone an Opportunity

  • While logged in as an administrator, select Opportunity > Portfolios > All and locate an opportunity you would like to make available again by creating a clone of it. Click the season name of the opportunity to open it.
  • You will be taken to the opportunity's Details tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the "Clone Now" button. Be sure to read the information above this button and ensure you are ready to clone. When ready, click Clone Now. 
  • The system will create a clone of the original opportunity. When the page reloads you will now see the CLONED opportunity (not the original.) 
  • Now, when viewing the All Portfolios page, you will see the new opportunity listed within the portfolio.

Cloning an opportunity is an easy way to recreate a significant portion of the customization you have already created for a single opportunity. Below is a list of the items that are copied into the newly cloned opportunity as well as a list of what is not copied:


All Portfolio information, including:

Fund Code
Auxiliary Fund Code

All Opportunity-Specific Information, including:

Propagate Scores setting

Awards information:

Total Awards
Available Funds
Visible Award Amount

Questions and Qualifications information:

Type (i.e., Automatch, Apply-to, External)
Source (General App and/or Conditional App)
Post-Acceptance Questions setting
All information from the Questions Tab
All information from the Qualifications Tab

Reviewing, offering, and awarding information:

Reviewer Group assignments

Opportunity Reviewer Notes
Offer Details
Offer - email 
Offer - flash
Post Acceptance - Email
Saved grid settings

Not Copied

Dates, including:

Start Date
End Date
Begin Review Period Date
End Review Period Date

Unique application data, including:

Archive Date
Applications tab contents
Post-Acceptance Applications
All Reviews page contents

As well as unique history and notes, including:

Opportunity Notes (not to be confused with Reviewer Notes)

Therefore, there are a few elements that you may need to re-set as they tend to change from award cycle to award cycle:

  • Set all appropriate dates including the Start Date, End Date, Begin Review Period, and End Review Period dates.
  • Update the opportunity's In-System Offer Details, Award Offer Notification - Email, and Post-Acceptance Email (if needed)
  • Review qualification criteria to ensure it is still applicable (especially if it relies upon dates that may change.)

How to Archive Ended Opportunities

The second step in conducting Cycle Management for your system is to archive existing opportunities and their applications into your historical records. Archiving freezes and relocates old information to a different part of the system, so you can focus on current information and applications in your day-to-day activity. Although archiving does not delete an opportunity or applications for the opportunity, it is a permanent and irreversible change. You should only proceed with the cloning/archiving process if absolutely certain you are done working with the opportunity and ready to permanently file it away and make it view only.

To archive an ended opportunity:

  • Locate the Ended opportunity by selecting Opportunity>Portfolios>All, and search by name. (Note the opportunity's Season information and status to confirm you are working with the correct opportunity.) Click the opportunity name to open it.
  • While looking at the opportunity's Details tab, scroll down to the Dates section. Locate the Archive Date and type in today's date (or another date on which you would like this opportunity to be archived.) Then click on the "Update Opportunity" button to save your changes. 
  • The old opportunity has now been archived, or will be on the future date that you have entered, which means its information has been/will be frozen and it is now a historical record. You will no longer be able to access this information directly from the All Portfolios page, however, all information is safely stored in your system and can be accessed by clicking into the portfolio details or searching your Opportunities grid for Archived opportunities.