Gift Aid declarations received via DIY Form do not have Confirmation Date applied

When a Gift Aid Declaration is added to eTapestry via an Online Giving DIY Form, the Confirmation Date field should match the date of the gift.  It has been found that Gift Aid Declarations are being added without a value in the Confirmation Date field, however when the Journal entry is opened to view the data eTapestry automatically populates the Confirmation Date field with the current date.  At first glance, the declaration appears to be 'Confirmed' but this is only because the date value has been applied at the point of opening the entry, prior to this the field shows a blank value when output in a query/report.  ​This appears to only occur on constituent accounts without an existing Gift Aid Declaration.  This doesn't appear to affect Gift Aid Declarations added manually via a Journal entry.

Despite the above, the constituent account and associated gift still appear in the results when following the Gift Aid submission process in Knowledgebase article 116067.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In eTapestry, create Online Giving DIY Form with the option to include Gift Aid.
2. Navigate to the online form and submit a test transaction with the Gift Aid option ticked.
3. In eTapestry, search for the constituent account and click on their Journal page.  Note that a Gift and Gift Aid Declaration have both been added.  DO NOT open the Gift Aid Declaration entry at this point.
4. Navigate to Queries -> Manage Queries.  Select a Category and create a new query.
5. In the query options, select Base as the Query Category and All Journal Entries - JE as the Starting Query.
6. Choose Journal Entries for the Data Return Type.
7. Choose 'Match all criteria' for Criteria Matching.
8. Choose Any Persona for 'Which persona should be checked for matches?'
9. In the Criteria selection, click on the Search Fields tab and type in Gift Aid Declaration Status and enter.
10. Click on the Gift Aid Declaration Status field and choose the 'Confirmed' option.
11. Click on Save And Preview and note this constituent account does not appear in the results.



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