Once you have added a new administrator to your system, them may encounter login issues the first time they try to sign into the system. You will need to assist them by troubleshooting their issues. 

On the administrator's user account and/or in your system, check the following:
  • If you are using LDAP or Single Sign-on authentication for your system, instruct Administrative users to sign in with their campus credentials.
  • For systems using SSO or LDAP authentication, customer UID MUST be included in order to allow the user to access their new account. If you do not know what your system uses for UID, check other administrators' user accounts for examples. If the UID is not present in their account, enter it.
  • If a UID has not been provided (or has not been requested, for Local and Whitelist authentication systems) the "Invitation Instructions" email communication will be to the email address. This email contains a confirmation link to help the user claim their new account. 
  • Confirm a Role has been added to their user account. 

Once you have checked the details outlined above, if the administrator still cannot log in:
  • Contact your campus IT department to confirm that the UID assigned to them has been entered correctly in their user account.
  • Confirm the user is trying to log in on the correct tab and entering their information correctly.

If they still can't log in, contact Customer Support and provide the user account, confirm that you've followed all of the troubleshooting steps outlined, and provide a screenshot of the error they're receiving.