If a question is being used on an opportunity that has not yet been archived, it is strongly recommended that you do not archive the question. It's also not recommended that you make changes to questions' responses mid-cycle (question text can be changed). Doing so risks the loss of applicant responses, or may cause confusion. Only applications contained within archived opportunities have "frozen" (that is, unable to be edited or removed) applicant responses.

Before you make any changes, check the question to see a list of all opportunities it's being used in, and in which opportunities it is used as a qualification. The list will contain both archived and current opportunities.
  • Select Opportunity>General Applications>Questions.
  • Locate the question under the Applicant or Administrator tabs.
    • If the question has been created via the import file, select Opportunity>General Applications>Questions>Import Data. Locate the question under the Applicant or Administrator tabs.
  • Click Edit.
  • Select Opportunities.
    • The list will be divided by into qualifying and non-qualifying opportunities, and indicate whether the opportunity is archived or current.
    • Click Season to go directly to the opportunity to explore further. 
question on opps

If you need further information or want to make mass updates, contact Customer Support to request that they run the Questions and Qualifications report and place it in your Files area (Site>Files).