What is the Consent Channel ALL used for?

When setting up Consent mapping in Config -> Business Rules a new Channel of 'ALL' is available.  What does this Channel do?  How do I map this Channel?
The 'ALL' Channel was added to The Raiser's Edge recently to allow quicker input of Consent preferences when a donor consents to opt-in or opt-out of all available methods.  When adding Consent preferences in Records, choosing the 'ALL' Channel along with an opt-in or opt-out response automatically adds a Consent record for each preference where an opt-in or opt-out is available.  For example, if you have opt-in preferences configured for Emails, Mail, SMS and Phone and the donor asks to opt-in to all of these, you can use the 'ALL' Channel to add all four preferences at the same time instead of individually.

This Channel works differently to all other Channel values and does not require any configuration in Business Rules, as it just acts as a shortcut for adding multiple preferences at once.

The Consent Channel table is hard-coded to The Raiser's Edge and values cannot be edited or removed.

For further steps, please see How to configure consent options in Raiser's Edge.


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